Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Double Purple! Jackpot!

it's not real outside right now. it's far out.
like. could it get any more abstract out right now?
that sky. those trees.

could you imagine sitting down at a blank canvas one day, and not knowing anything about how it looks outside right now, and then just put that stuff down on paper. it's far out, man. it's trippy.

the sky so real looks almost faker than drawings. and the trees? be.zar.

i love walking.

i love walking.

did i say: i love walking?

i feel better. i feel good.

and the light followed me.

it is interesting always to remember that always people are not you.
it may seem that sometimes you're both on the same page, but no, babe, that's just you.
you may sometimes be somewhere in the same chapter. times not in the same book.
and. though mostly i can at least see you, i must say that at times i just can't look.

i'm inclined to think that for most things, i'm on the right page. or at least closer to it. but this is exactly what makes me me and you you and us all different.
how interesting . ?


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