Monday, April 17, 2006

Chocolate Balls

my favourite thing about easter - well, perhaps i shouldn't say my favourite thing - is the eggs. not the decorated ones, or the plastic ones that you hide (or if you are my sister, you hang them from a tree for, er, decoration?). i'm talking about those little addictive chocolate eggs that everyone's got hanging out in little candy dishes around this time of the year. i simply cannot stop eating them. i eat them for breakfast, i eat them for lunch, i eat them for dinner, and then snack and dessert between each of these meals. i eat them until i feel sick, and then i lay off for about five minutes and drink something liquid, and then i eat em again. i just can't help myself. for me, it's chocolate in its most ideal form. the melt at just the right pace for my chocola-impatience so that i never have to bite down into the chocolate, because i hate biting down into chocolate. (i don't know why. i'm weird like that i guess. don't ever give me fridge or freezer chocolate, because it would be worse than having no chocolate at all. and don't ever give me chocolate ice cream because it's worse than having no ice cream at all... but that's another story for another time). and they melt at just the righ consistency and texture. (i'm picky about texture and consistency).

so yes. here i am sitting at the computer, chocolate egg wrappings everywhere and i have nothing else to talk about because my brain is turned to chocolate and all i can think about is how i feel chocola-ill but i'm out of upstairs-chocolate and will have to stop typing so that i can go downstairs and get some more.

and then there's halloween with those little chocolate pumpkin balls. different shape, same chocola-goodness.


Blogger Rally said...

OMG! Those stupid tinfoil wrapped eggs are my favorite....without even realizing my gluttony, I will down a kids entire stash without batting an eye. Last night, I was helping myself to some at the step-in-laws places....I had no idea who the chocolate belonged too, but dammit, if you are going to leave those out, I am going to eat them....and casually discard the tinfoil in well wrapped little balls throughout the surrounding area.

Yes, I am a bad bad person

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 2:07:00 a.m.  

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