Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Proof is in the Pudding

happy easter.

there is so much you don't notice when you look around.
and when you don't look around it's the much harder.
did you notice the butterfly?
did you notice the lights flicker?
did you notice how you felt?

there are so many ideas floating around that it's hard to make sense of them.
there are so many butterflies.
and the lights keep changing.
it's hard to make sense of it.
but then again. it's been staring me in the face.
and speaking to me clearly through my left ear.

it's hard to make sense of forgein objects and foreign languages.

there is no such thing as a foreign language or foreign object when you are a justborn. though some would argue that everything is foreign. but how do you know where we just came from as justborns? how do you know things you cannot possibly know? how do you claim to justify that which is beyond earth with earthly ideas and concepts?

science is just as far as we can tell at the moment.

and at once, the world was flat.
at once, we drilled skull holes to combat mental disease.

we have progressed. but there is much we do not know. there is much we will never know in our time on earth.

never was there such a nonsense phrase as 'science proves'.
your idea of proof does not stand up to my ideals of rigourous experimentation. my idea of proof does not stand up to your ideals of rigourous experimentation.

what is science? and where is the proof?

en plus one
e equals em see squared.

it's like a funny little joke. it's cute. this game.


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