Friday, April 21, 2006

Foot Heaven

why didn't i think of this before?!

i found what is certainly the answer to my prayers. and not just my immediate problems, either, such as the foot cramp - though this is what i thought of it for. but this may very well be: the answer to all my prayers.

i used to come home from school every thursday and turn on my foot massage bath. this is how i would spend my thursday night. soaking my feet, and then relaxing in the aftermath. i got a foot massage bath from my university roomates because my feet would always be sore throughout the winter, because of the extra foot work that is needed to nagivate the snow and ice on the long walk to school wearing inappropriate footwear.

serves me right.

what do i care? i have a foot massage bath.

but i had forgotten where it was, if i had brought it home from school when i left there for lack of room. i had forgotten i ever owned one. and here i am complaining about my two day foot cramp - due to wearing inappropriate footwear on a hike in the forest.

serves me right.

what do i care? i have a foot massage bath.

this is going to be my new activity. bored? foot massage bath. there are multiple settings.

we'll have to see if this actually helps my foot cramp.


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