Sunday, August 27, 2006

Traveling the World

i went to india today. and venezuela. and germany. and the philippines. well, i stopped by many more countries than this, but i didn't try the food. i was out of sample tickets. my mom bought them for me.

and i tasted egypt on friday.

mmmmmmm egyyyyyypt.

i have no complaints.

if you can't get out of the country, then i suggest you at least fake it.

but i'll let you in on a little secret about the nonlocal mind: you, my dear loves, can go anywhere you want, anytime you want. and you don't have to pack or even bring along your body. it's perception of the extra sensory type.

and don't be jealous, cause i'm so not there yet. not even close. just thinking about it. just rabble rousing. just setting my headlights.

peace, dear loves.


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