Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Walk In The Forest

check it out. check it out. check it out. i found a picnic table! in my backyard!!

ok. so not exactly 'my backyard', more 'collective backyard'. so.

i found a picnic table! in my backyard!!

i also found the coolest forest. which basically, if you look at the way it's oriented, it's basically meant for me. or at least from what i can tell with my sense of geography. but from what i can tell, my house is at the centre of the arching path of the forest. if back yards were in large rings, separated a distance from your house. that would be mine.

i found a forest! in my backyard!!

and i've made a promise with myself to always stop to watch red birds.

i can't believe it, though. and the fact that i knew before about these places - not the picnic table - it never really cornered me in the right way.

i'm an effing forest, man. i'm an effing picnic table in a ravine, man! you are stuck here in this corner. notice me!

i feel like i did not fully take advantage of my backyard in the time that i have lived here - mostly forever. but then again, i do remember spending some significant time down there. it was very different then. it took me a while to equate the two forests, past and present, to each other.

but could i really have forgotten the secrets and location of the forest all this time? what did i know then, that i don't know now? and why can't i remember?

i am cold from the rain, still. i am still from the cold rain.


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