Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Communion With You

you guys don't get half of what i got. no one does. i can't even talk that fast, let alone type.

you have to listen and read between the lines, as well. don't ever forget about that part.

you know, i'm told there are people who don't have much to say. i've told people about such a type. but i can't believe that. of course, i'll never know what's in another's mind, and quite obviously it's very different from mine. but i really can't believe that there are people who don't have much to say. more accurately, all we really know is that they don't say much. but they must have something to say. right? how could it just be empty.

but then again, i'm told to empty my mind. to blank slate.

i find it difficult to ascertain the common ground. the compromise. the balance. i wonder, could it be? is there none? that maybe my greatest joy is a step in the wrong direction... of course, it would be like that wouldn't it? life is the best irony of all.

i love talking to people. though mostly i do all of the talking.

i have a lot to say.

luckily for me, my job involves mainly talking to people. it's my primary task. you learn a lot about a lot of people. maybe it's maladaptive to take in so much information about so many people who are in and out of your life so briefly. and, well. it's at least unneccessary for survival. so why bother paying attention to it all?

the answer my friend is for the greater good. one more thing you know, one more part of life you have communed with is another part of the truth. it's all a part. so you've got to get to know everything and everyone and geez, that's a ginormous task. and i probably won't finish it, but damnit, at least i'll try.

the whole time battling my self, myself.

life is the best irony of all.


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