Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is That A Sock In My Pants?

quite clearly, i have to clean my room. i think if there's anything that will make me lose my sane it's cleaning my room all the time, just to mess it up and have to clean it up again. in so little time, too. i could keep my cool if i could break.

par for the course, in the course of life.

i will golf some day.

if i have some time to vest.

if i wasn't always cleaning my room. . . you know what i need? some droo-ors. or a biggul closet.

if i had some space to waste.

oh yeah. did i tell you that soon my monitor will spit up my desk it so rudely ate, and i'll have a keen flat screen hand-me-down-down? but anyway, that's the way i like to get all my things. everything's bettul a little worn. a little worn in.

what this means is, i might have some space to waste. there's got to be a better way. a more efficient way.

. . even if i have to set up a string and pulley system.


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