Monday, September 4, 2006

Sweet Tryst

it is so wonderful to be home sweet home after being away sweet away.

we stayed at the omni sweet the omni.

seriously, the omni is pretty sweet. well, not when you are sleeping on the couch in direct line of wind flight from the air conditioner and you are crashing in someone else's room because there were no vacancies in the whole city and you didn't plan early and it's just lucky that your best friend was visiting the city that weekend, too with her sister and they had planned and gotten a room earlier so you don't want to turn the air conditioner down because they are probably warm in their nice big bed, which is a sweet bed at the omni sweet the omni and i know because i got a whole one to myself the next night to put the cherry on top of a really great weekend record of twenty bands in two days.

here is the list of bands i saw in chronological order:

clap your hands say yeah
amon tobin
sonic youth
ben lee
wolf parade
final fantasy (personal favourite finding)
dobacaracol and special sauce
the hidden cameras
patrick watson
bedouin soundclash
the bell orchestre
damian "jr. gong" marley
kid koala
the flaming lips (personal best show of show)
lady sovereign (the some huge impressive talent for a little girl)
ben harper & the innocent criminals

oh yeah, and my best friend randomly calls me:

her: what are you doing this weekend?
me: going to montreal?
her: are you serious? i am at the border! i was just going to call to tell you that if you don't come to montreal we aren't friends anymore.
me: i guess we're still friends.

luckily for me, too. or i'd have actually had to sleep on the mountain as i so confidently joked.

and i had just enough camera and phone battery, and my team. . . well, my team was on my side the whole time.

synchronicity is still my friend.

i'm a lover of so many things.


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