Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eternal Questions. And If There Are Answers, Where Can I Find Them? And How Did You?


why is it.

that it's only ten percent?
that we must suffer some burden to be here? and that with this comes so much responsibility?
that nature is so amazing, and it's around, and it's not like it's hidden, and you think everyone would want to hang out there forever and always because it's amazing and easy and free, and yet, every time i go i am the only one there? and would i like it so much if there were more people? and would i - obviously - like them because they'd have to be ten percent to be there in the first place?
that i still wouldn't stop to talk to them?
that we can recognize ten percent without even talking to them? and

why is it.

that i refuse to do what i want to do about it even though i know it's what i'm supposed to do?

what are these rules?

and why do i conform?

. . the question is what brought us here in the first place, though isn't it? . . why?

these ideas didn't necessarily come from me. i just recorded them.

and just where do ideas come from anyway?

and just where do all the paper clips go?

did i strike any balance today? here? and just what and why does that matter?

and can you feel it even though you may not exactly understand? exactly understand?



** if you learn to let it go, that's how you sleep. **


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