Tuesday, April 29, 2008

falling from spinning

and why would i make a fuss about any of it?
any of it?

we're all just getting around each other.
and around it.
and around each other.
and around again.

around and
around and
around and

falling a mess like
from dizziness

but who cares?
the sun feels nice

a crumpled heap
on the front lawn

Thursday, April 24, 2008

drowning from the inside again

i'm tired of everyone thinking i'm in love with them.
i'm just in love.

this clicking is the drumbeat i meander to.
and a click can't sustain itself, or there is no beat.

i tap my foot to this repeated abandon.
or is it me who keeps leaving?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

prescription: colour

everyday is a gift
depending on the tint of your sunglasses
so i put on my rose colour
and an otherwise grey day fades to red

so i thank the grey and the glasses
and the whitman poem i read earlier
and a song that always makes me feel good
for sheltering me from an otherwise dreary outlook

and when i get down to it
really really down to it
everything is a gift
and i had the doctor tint my retinas

brainstorm of the soul variety

it's what i've been saying all along
converging on our highest potential
like a brainstorm in the soul.

what's in your house?
and where do we all meet up?
in the middle of this galaxy.

i've no questions regarding the outcome.

two thousand percent is pretty significant.
and who can argue with the frog-made-salamander?
facts are neutral and planets don't lie,
brighter than ever before.

it's survival of the fittest
but this time, we're working on the soul level.

Monday, April 7, 2008

there we go

we're all vibing now. did you feel the shift?

it's evolution, baby

and i'm giddy sitting on it

your inhale is my exhale: this shotgun high

open the window and let in the light and
b r e a t h e with the world

one breath

this great big shotgun
and we're all getting high on it


you're here for a reason, but if you don't vibe with it, you'll miss it. and then, what can i learn from you? are you even listening to me? or just sifting me through your social conventions?

wake up and feel the electricity. i know you did. if only for just one moment.

Friday, April 4, 2008

manipulation nation: you don't know any better

i love it! it's all so inappropriately dramatic.

birthday wishes

i think it's still yesterday in some parts of the world:

in this world, i hardly know you, but His works are perfect. so you have to be. this could go for anyone i suppose. but you and me, we've been playing for eternity. it reminds me again and again that these physical bodies are so limited. and again and again that we are not limited by them.

twenty seven years ago, He sent you to us. He smiled down on the earth and you made a promise not to forget Him and you cried because the worldly chaos was overwhelming. but now we all smile, because you remembered your promise not to forget. and together we overwhelm the chaos.

happy birthday... but we celebrate your birth every day.

one Love.

this continuous moment

remember: squares don't bounce, so if you come upon your tail, eat up. and if you feel like you are going around in circles, you're on to something!

the snake we are

we are the salt
we are the apple
we are the snake
we are the earth
we are the fall
we are the grapple
we are awake
we are at birth

it's been a long time coming
and a long time not getting anywhere
it's been a long time coming
but i'm finally finally getting here

insanity in sanity

it's all about looking past people's insanity, past all their ego throwdown and seeing through to their Divine parts. if God made us, then we are all of us Divine and made in His image. who, then, are we to frown upon his work?! that includes looking at yourself. smile. respect His works accordingly. You are already perfect. He has great plans. surrender control to your highest potential and your story will unfold like a fairy tale. He is the ultimate creator and the most imaginative storyteller. we cannot begin to understand the twists and turns of this or any plot line. just keep following the signs on whatever path your journey provides for you. i can tell you've noticed them, too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

you are still awakening

even now, you are still writing this.
even now, you are still awakening.
even now, you think it can't go on like this.
you are still awakening. even now. like this.

even now.
even now.
even this.

the wind is whipping

the kind of wind that carries you
even inside buildings
where the sound still gets
and the pressure is still pushing you around
you locked the door even
but he's still trying to get in


at something like a rapid pace

i don't need to know.
but i want to know?

always getting here.
and there's pretty much always an ego throwdown.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

lessons in lessening confusion

i'm getting okay with
i don't know.
i'm seeing my confusion
as discovery.

i am not confused because i don't know
i am confused because i want to know

when i don't want to know
i don't need to know
and i'm getting okay with it

asking myself
who am i?
but forgetting about answers.