Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sorry signs on cash machines?

small things

with small gestures, the possibilities are endless. the results less contrived. life is just a series of small gestures. and just about anything can be a gesture if you open your eyes. just about anything can be anything if you open your eyes.

*ponders herself* yeah, but i love flakes so that's not a problem.

*warm and fuzzy like hugs*

yes. i can easily see where i am open for interpretation. i set the table for misunderstanding despite my tendancy to overexplain. but anyway, there are a lot of things that i need to let go.

smiling is the funnest.

bubbly is exciting.

peace, loves.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


weh? weh? weh?

hellify know. it's just humming and chirps inside my head anyway.

there is definately something to be said for the afterglow. the difference here is noticeable. the difference here is important.

the different is where we find what we have in common.

one day i am going to write a book.

until that day my thoughts and ramblings will be - continue to be - disjointed and inconsistent. until that day i won't quite be a cohesive whole.

there will be one day when i will bring this all together in a way that makes sense to me. until then i'm just grasping for straws.

and hot damn! they're mostly the colourful bendy extendo type straws and every once in a while a drink umbrella! and this is why i should never complain.

i read this back and it does not at all do justice to my train of thoughts.

peace out, buddy.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

what do your walls say about you?

how many different kinds

of conversation

and so many happening all at once.

there's always cat fur on my computer screen.

to be perfectly honest

do you want out of here?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

this is in honour of a moment

there's always more open minded to be had.

no evidence...?

some people are so unoriginal. way to jump on the bandwagon after all this time.


the riff that starts at 1:35 of the skin of my yellow country teeth by clap your hands say yeah! is awesome especially at the end. i feel like i want to be in a boat. we just have that kind of understanding. we sing to each other.

i like to keep a set amount of secrets from every person i know. not even the same secrets every time. like you know, not one major secret in my life that i just don't want anyone knowing. just something about someone that makes me just not tell them something. i mean, more something about myself than something about that other someone. but if they all got together they would still know everything about me. and that's something, i think.

i try to maintain that i am different people to different people.

but in fact, it's always easier to be one's self.

i need some hippie dinner, peace out, weirdos.

this is all i accomplished today, and i don't care. if you are at all interested: yay (this link may not work until tomorrow)

that's not even funny

you really don't need anything else besides just living your life to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be enlightened, to be entertained, to learn. you can't rely on others. you can't rely on their attention always being focused on you. you can't rely on them making the best choices for you. that's not the point of other people anyway. but if you are paying attention to it, your life is directed so intensely on you. built in a way that endeavours to shape your destiny appropriately. built only for you. and once you start paying attention to it, it happens more and more.

i read something in lululemon the other day.

something about looking at life as a series of challenges rather than a series of blessings and curses.

i wish i could remember the quote.

well, anyway i liked it.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

music is rock

sometimes it's thursday

i used the word virtually twice in two different contexts in the last post.

i had a bagel this morning but i didn't eat lunch.

i cannot comment on the day.

winnie the pooh stickers are freaking adorable.


does anybody who reads this remember trottoir? man, those were some fly times.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

he sits on a hill.

hey check this out. i stopped time. seriously. time on the tv virtually doesn't exist to me anymore. it is seriously amazing what we can do to de-necessiate the usage of physically spacious materials such as video cassettes and dvds. i know, i know, that the things that produce these effects also take up room, and i agree that things are changing so much, that even these things are so mass produced that the waste they generate is atrocious. but you can see the direction we are going in, right? smaller and smaller. with the information processing capabilities that we have at our fingertips, evolution these days is happening at an incredibly rapid pace. so we'll get there. and faster than we think, i think.

you know what having a highly accessibly laptop or otherwise virtually equipped object will do? it will cut down on so much nonsense bickering. or at least a category of it. like when two parties are arguing over the definition of a word. or the name of a river in some place. or whatever other kinds of facts that people argue on cause both sides think they are right and obviously one isn't but both one is convinced the other is and asshole and both trying so hard and pointlessly to convince the other they are wrong. now it will end as quickly as it starts. it's x. no it's y. google.

even more debatable questions. both parties could just race to find the best sources to back up their claims. both parties learning, and more often than if they had not had google racing, both parties coming to converge on some agreeable terms. or at least come nearer to agreeing.

i have this image in my head. i should draw it.


i better be breif, babies. it's almost that time. it will be weird to watch it this way.

but here is my epiphane of the day. i feel i should probably have one every day. and i feel i should get better at writing about it.

a long long while ago, when i first started working in an office (by this, i mean under a year. which feels like ages. like a number of different selves back). and i was stapling yet another pages together. and thinking how much staples i send out. how many paper clips leave my desk. how much paper *gasp* how much paper...?!

so they just keep creating staple afer staple after staple. and they're small but they just keep making them right. and they'll add up. and where do they go? why aren't more people concerned about this. where will they go?

people need to only buy things that take up as little space as possible as to still be reasonable for the particular thing and its function. and people need to buy as little as is reasonable to function. and people should keep these things in mind. for example, if i use a public bathroom, if there is no air dryer and i can't be expected to wipe my hands on my pants given the particular setting and situation, i will use very few pulls on the paper dispenser to serve my drying needs. i do not see it anymore as being very little, sometimes i think i should do less, but the difference between two and three pulls is the difference between too little and too much, and you don't have much option to have what's in the middle. i also know it is little because i watch others pull five or six times. sometimes more! and i know, because i used to do this. it was easy and lazy and i wasn't really mindful during any of it. one little conscious decision later and i feel like i have made some sort of small impact. and you know what? it might not be much, but to me it feels significant.

all we can do is try. all we can do is be responsible for our own actions. all of them.

i want to divest myself of all my things. but i can't throw things away. i need to make a greater effort to give it away. my cds for example. what is the point of them if i ripped them all to my computer so i can more easily listen on my computer. what is the point of a cd anymore when the music can all be purchased online. with so much less waste. with so much less material taking up physical space.

people should pass things along. people should share. people, i will have to give away all my cds.

does anybody still listen to cds?

oh man. it's that time...

i had so very much more to say i think.

peace, babies.

Monday, February 5, 2007

oh yeah, i forgot to tell you something

it was sort of a bad beginning. but perfect nonetheless. i said some things today, i probably shouldn'a said. but i said em anyway.

i somewhat partly believed em a little at the time.

but then there's a gesture. a small gift. a little effort. a card with the coolest most random stickers on it.

and suddenly you're sonny again.

and now. for some midnight-snack-broccoli soup.

did that just remind anyone else of the rocky and bullwinkle show.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

there is no best before date: the cheese stands alone

ok, so what to do now?

february fourth. it's as good as any other day to start over. you get infinity chances in this game. even though i know you hate to lose.

but you know what everyone hates more than a loser? a sore loser.

besides, everyone's always rooting for the underdog.

besides, you never were anything like an underdog.

and you know what it's going to be about this time? it's going to be about laughter. it is after all, the best medicine. everything's worth it when you are laughing.

goodnight, divine things.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


you know why people don't get outside more often. cause we have so much stuff. and we keep it all inside. stuff just drags you down man. cause you know when you are outside you are like dude, this is so much better than being inside cause it's outside, man. but eventually you have to go in cause you've got stuff to do man. and most of your stuff is inside. when did we start acquiring so much stuff, and why do we care?

ok, gotta go. got stuff to do.

sunday morning on a saturday morning

i told my mom that sunday morning by k-os was a song about heaven:

every day is saturday night but i can't wait till sunday morning. sunday morni-iiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

like saturday night is life and full of drunkenness and partying and sunday morning is heaven... i don't know if that's what the song is actually about, but i often explain songs in this way to my mom so that she likes them better. anyway, now she is singing that line over and over and over again, which she sometimes does on saturday mornings. it is slightly humourous and slightly getting old.

Friday, February 2, 2007

everybody get outside

what is the deal? it's about seven pee emm and everyone in my household is asleep. i'm not talking just fell asleep watching tv or anything. like lights off nobody's home type sleeping. it's creepy. it's seven pee emm.

there's a general crabbiness in the air these days. i think we're all about ready for brighter days. though i have yet to skate again this winter... i still have plenty of time.

speaking of changing seasons, phil the groundhog either saw his shadow or didn't, i never remember... just that it's early spring. and though i know i always take great stock in these predictions, i am not sure that i actually follow through weeks from now with making that mental note of whether or not the groundhog was correct. and even by that time i'll have forgotten what the prediction was in the first place.

my cats are going to seriously crazy. i think they need out, too.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

... i don't know, can't i just hold my breath until it passes?