Friday, September 28, 2007

but then again, maybe not.

we'll see. sometimes i think people are too crazy, sometimes not enough. i have trouble with the assumption that someone is normal. it is the exception to the rule that we are all measured against.

i didn't tell you to say that.

it's made of gold, this core. shiny shiny gold. pure and polished and indestructible. sometimes people have to look away. sometimes people can't stop staring. sometimes they nudge their neighbour and point.

can you blame them?

and light as a feather, too. if you can imagine that? you can imagine anything. that's exactly the point. and where you can't is where your problems begin.

something about a guy who freezes poop to make a knife to kill a dog to make a sled. now that's imagination, my friend. and this is how we survive. that's a true story.

probably even other dogs pulled the sled! how messed up and crazy smart and indestructible is that?

though i'm not so sure how this guy would measure up on this so called intelligence quotient.

*ahem* uh, sir. we're measuring in google hit points now.

the dollar is insane, mikey, have you seen it?

i should say at least i'm trying to...

sometimes i write these for you and then i post them on my blog

they have trouble deciphering where i come from. it is only those who aren't troubled with themselves that don't find this troubling. find me.

i don't know. it wasn't always easier as a kid. i romanticize the memories. probably things were pretty bad. maybe worse. sometimes i wonder how much regression? how much unconscious? what's all gone missing? and why is it there?

but i've given up truly wanting to know these things. truly needing the answers. and merely i wonder because in the wonderment i am amazed and in the amazement my whole body smiles. don't tell me the answers. i'm not done marveling at all the things i don't know.

i found a way to stop time. i don't know that everyone always wants to stop time. i think too many people now are busy trying to speed it up, as if that's not a sign that something's gone terribly wrong in the world today, but not me. not me. don't get me wrong. my life's not so terribly exciting, at least not in that typical way, not so terribly that you want to really slow it down and savour every minute of it. well, not exactly. the situation itself isn't what makes you want to slow it down, but the very act of slowing it down that brings it's sweet sweet taste. i was untangling some chords today. and i'm fucking unbreakable.

and my heart is made of solid solid gold. perhaps surrounding glass, i am still pondering on it.

who doesn't want to tell you these things? anyway, it's hardly ever bad news. and when it's really bad, i'll hug you and you'll remember why bad things happen. and you won't exactly be smiling but you'll know the potential still exists and then again you won't not be either. not exactly.

i fucking love.

(i should put a disclaimer on here: careful. peaceful profanity.)

crazy misunderstanding

why is crazy the default label for that which we don't understand.

they've been calling me crazy my whole life.

i curtsy and say thank you.

it is is it?

it is time.

(that means nothing. i am just bored)

it is time. and you are of it.
we are all of us of it.

where does it take you? and how does the wind feel? you get to surf? or is it merely shuffling you along, trying to push you over? are your feet still on the ground? take a close look. you may be shuffling for no reason. we're all shuffling mistakes.

what makes the details of my life more real than the abstract? it's just a story anyway, and who knows? maybe i made it all up.
but then again, is fiction any less real. we imaginate reality.

they say God is in the details. and of course, He's everywhere so yeah i'd have to agree. but i don't feel Him so much in the details. i feel Him in the experience. even the mundane. and my life can be so tragically beautifully mundane.

but there is nothing normal about it.

i wonder... a closer look? or the bigger picture? i can't say either extreme of a pendulum's arc is better than the other. just different. all necessary. sweet without sour cliche.

love you

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


in high pitches
with waving hands
like high school girls
but e!ectric

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

imagining reality

not standing in line

it's this thing called understanding that makes way for misunderstanding. you can't ask for one extreme without, at the same time, calling upon the other. not good without evil, not hot without cold, not happiness without sadness. sure, you may not always feel it, but then again you've spent too much time standing in the middle. not going anywhere. the fulcrum never moves and you'll never feel anything from this spot.

if you're at the park and the see-saw is occupied, try the swings. they've got extremes all their own. and it's here that you believe again that you can actually fly.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

no lo se

it may seem to you as if nothing is happening. i will admit, from the outside it's practically impossible to detect. only a small few possess the necessary skills. scratch that. only a small few utilize the necessary skills. everybody else sleeps. while so much goes on around them.

i am more still than i have ever been. and yet, there is more movement than ever before.

everything's a trust issue.

Monday, September 10, 2007

airplane art

Saturday, September 8, 2007

we don't wear ties, we have no schedule

and we know the universe is pleased

remembering how to float

where people hug and sincerity is not mocked

we be backyard kings!

canoodling is hard work. and i don't know the first thing about tying knots.

like nails on a chalkboard:lillies on canoe. you can't see me but i hear you

sometimes our mind sees what we want to see.