Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hiccups and muscle spasms

i've got a thing for hats.
i've got a thing for a lot of things.
i wouldn't call myself so much a collector...?

people ask me why i wear my tuque. whatever one i happen to be wearing. all the time? sometimes i take the easy road.

i'm cold.

but then other times i get into it.

how i like the feeling. how i find my head being covered comforting. understandable stuff really.

but really i hardly get into it.

take for example right now. this is a prime example of why i like to wear hats. because my head feels engulfed by the hat. the hat feels like it's moving somewhat or wiggling. and it is a very awesome head massage. there is nothing quite like this feeling in the world. sometimes it gets so heavy my neck hurts and i just have to pay attention to my posture to recover. but still.

so heavy it hurts.

this is one of my favourite moments of all time.

chewing gum sometimes intensifies it.


ps. can someone tell if they know anything about hiccups and/or something related to muscle spasms....?

Monday, January 29, 2007

plea to a cat.

don't bite the hand that feeds.
and surely don't hiss and swipe.

relax your claws.

cause i love you and this will not do.
it will not work if i'm scared of you.

besides. you're too beautiful to be this anxious..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

freestyle rap and beatboxing

we're like balls bouncing around, occasionally hitting each other. occasionally bouncing away for long periods of time cause the space is so big and the balls are so many and the bouncing so chaotic.

it's so random, and perfectly ordered at the same time.

i can't even get my head around it, and still i embrace it. or at least i embrace it most of the time and more and more as time goes on.

i have been so many people by outside standards and yet i am still and will always be one cohesive ball bouncing around bumping into things in this great big cohesive bowl.

there is something to be said about traveling minstrels.

they're really something.

Friday, January 19, 2007

i. can. not. let. things. go.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the world giveth

just a little bit of work and the rewards are so abundant.

i live amongst abundance.
everyone with so much more than just a little bit to offer.

thank you.

peace, puppies.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

what's right is right.

i'm going to be even choosier about the things i say and do.
i'm going to resolve some of this conflict.

besides, you have to choose because there's so much to choose from and you can't do it all. just do what you know you have to do. do what you know is right. and hope everyone else is just doing the same. and just hope that these don't collide with each other. and even if they do, a little conflict never hurt anybody. a little collision in life is a good thing.

not these kinds that cause violence. not the ones that cause war. cause you know someone doesn't really believe they are right. they turn to violence to convince themselves they think it's right.

the only time i get worked up aggressively is when i'm wrong about something. it's a cloudy process. and i can't always sense something is wrong. and i'm so much more stubbornly sure that i am right than even when i am.

that process of resolving circuitous dissonance.

not like standing in line so long for a movie that sucks. not when it's coming only from a situation entirely created inside your head.

why is it so terrifying looking inside your own head? why is it so difficult to make sense of it even anyway? why do so few people do it?

but right vs. right is an interesting collision. and one that seeks for itself a just resolution because it knows there has to be one. and one that builds for both perspectives a bigger sphere from which to view the world.

and not always does everyone else have to understand.

peace, babies.

Friday, January 12, 2007

clean house if you have to

the song from your eyes*

it's a decision you have to make.
a stand you have to take for the things you believe.
and if you can't stand up for yourself, how are you ever gonna stand up for anything else?

you know what you have to do.
you know what that part of you that is totally true to your self feels like when your trying to tell your self something.
and don't kid yourself like it's difficult.

easier said than done.

just do it.

because you are divine. and who are you to let that down?

cause it's just that easy.

said and done.

peace, God.

* i stole that from a song

Sunday, January 7, 2007

there has got to be got to be got to be got to be something.

peace, God

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes. you will not believe this. but then again, you might. because i seemed to be the only one who seemed fazed.

though i think i hid it well.

i had all this other stuff written, and i took it down. this will probably only be significant to me.

so let's do a checklist for the night:

random sushi restaurant check.
edimame check.
shrimp tempura check.
drinks check.
hundred dollars with tip check.
friend mixing check.
five fights check.
rather large knife in pants check.
kid knocked out cold check.
leave before the police and friends arrive check.

necessary bob marley afterwards. most definately check.

it was an interesting night folks.

dudes. about these fights. people were just flocking to them. everyone running their mouths. well, not everyone. but enough to seem like everyone to me. like they weren't at all worried or upset by it.

meanwhile, i am basically hiding, but hopefully pulled off a much more i am cool enough to be with the dj and his friend and behind the turntables you are not allowed just me type vibe. it's tougher, wouldn't you say.

anyway. i can't understand.

how people can spend a whole night so angry and violent. you'd have so much more fun if you all just got along.

it was on the whole a pretty good night. but i have my misgivings about it.

peace out homies.

emphasis on the peace.

if we belong to God, we must be divine.

go on. take music as an example.