Wednesday, February 27, 2008

looking up at a winter sky.

forget about the world while you get lost in it. while you get swept away. while you carry it away with you.

know what you love and do it. make changes where you want to see things changed. be what you love. be love. be, love.

we only have ourselves to live vicariously through. this body and just glimpses.

just ramassing and ramassing and ramassing.

and sort of just figuring it all out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

moving somewhere standing still

the music has been guiding my experience.
the silence has been mediating.
the talking and listening have been playing similar games.

graphs across time

if you put them on overlapping graphs across time, chaos and stillness, you'd probably get something like chaos on an exponential and stillness an upside down lululemon shape, high points at stillest.

or is it all upside down lululemon shapes? high points chaotic and still?

cause i imagine earth is a pretty chaotic place when you first just get here.

and a baby is pretty much a zen master.

Monday, February 25, 2008

you are there, too.

there's a party
somewhere in the back of my head
where the beat is bold
but gentle
and we're all riding it
like jumping
that can only be accounted for in some sort of short term flying.

or some sort of cartoon situation where the room actually balloons.

and i can't tell where in the room i actually am.
cause i am everywhere
and the room is pulsing.

and the music is so good.

and then water pours in from the ceiling.

one of you is very tall.

losing your cool

expecting you to be hurtful
i let you be.

you're turning my words.

but exactly.

no one is
just to be

it's ego versus ego
and everybody's
got something to prove.
doing everyone a favour.

yet, nobody is really ever helping anyone.

Friday, February 22, 2008

natural exfoliants

like rolling around in the sand.

i have taken

i have taken to being taken by dance. i have taken to being careless with myself in front of people. i have taken to watching snow float. i have taken to waving at myself from photographs.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

abide here.

remain here.

love bears all things.

begin again.

from where we stay, the Sun never sets

you've got a lot of exciting things left to do. every day makes me giddy with joy.

don't think i don't ever sleep in the mud. of course, we all do.

but often, i float among the stars, shining with the light of the Sun.

it's exciting, isn't it? it's bubbling over.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

this means this ends

the means are not physical. they are respiratory. expressed physically cyclically. like so many things. these lungs beat concentric circles, massaging my heart, rippling through my chakras, and tickling my grey matter.

the ends are spiritual.

exactly what

anyone else feel my gaze on the moon tonight? i felt many of yours. i participated in your collective awe. i couldn't have been more pleased. this great big rock getting in between the sun and the moon. serving beauty's highest purpose - truth.

all part of this exactly so.

safe haven

you are fine here. right now in this space. you are fine. breathe and remember where you came from and where you are going and where you are. you are here. fine and right and breathing.


you are always here. fine and right and breathing. always in this space i hold for you.

Monday, February 18, 2008

gold fish and fool heads

playtime is puretime,

where love is involved.

especially, for fool heads,

who don't worry about such things as mercury.

maybe their mingle is more carefree.

but you feed them with your gold fish.

and they eat upside down,

because they don't know any better.

you are good people

we are multi personalities, playing in these multi dimensions. only little pieces of us understand what the scuttle is all about. pieces of us, within pieces of us, within pieces of us. so that on the whole, we don't always understand. but it's only when you start taking it too seriously that you worry so much about sorting out the misunderstanding, when the misunderstanding is what you are giddy about in the first place - that we can get along... that we can even make some sense...!

this divine gong show. drunk on this love and doing careless things with it.

everybody's starting to get down with this sounding psychotic.

everybody's starting to get down with this sincere.

you are good people, everybody you are.

i see (in the dark)

you are blocking the light

while i learn to see with these other senses,

ears, mouth, hands, hearts,

soul samurai.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

are you angry?

let it go.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

love birds

mid february is an unusual time for birds to mate.
but you know me. i always love to celebrate love.

... but then again, what do i know of the mating habits of birds?

happy valentine's day.
don't buy anything.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

how much will you hold?

it's about emptying out. and being a space to hold things for other people. it's humble, all the time. it's everyone first. it's patience you cannot even account for. and the ease, now, with which you do these things. it's about letting your heart break so Love can pour in and wash out everything. it's about letting you live again.

of course, of course, it's about the struggle. but it's so very much more about what you do with it. and how you relate to the people around you.

love and hugs, goodnight. amen.

we don't even know it, this messenger in us. we don't even know, and we're doing it. we are all just ambling along and before you know it, this messenger in us. this moment just waiting for it. all along, and setup just like that from the beginning.


but we're not getting anywhere if you are not down with my sincere. we're not getting anywhere if we're not both ambling along sincerely. bumbling, even. and bubbling over.


i hardly ever have to pray over things, they are already my answers.


and we're giving hugs away, with peace. for free. carelessly, even.

you have to let yourself be important things. to everybody. because you are just that big, and you can hold that much.

goodnight, and thanks for the sincerity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

go hollywood

if there was such thing as the main audition, then this is it.

the ultimate reality tee vee show.

(i stole that quote from american idol).

this soothing presence

i have a responsibility to people. and you can tell me to put myself first, but where is your sense of responsibility? where is your empathy? where is your heartbreak? how can you just watch somebody drown?

i have a soft spot for people. you can tell me that i'm taken advantage of, but where is your sense of charity? where is your humanity? where are your tears? doesn't it feel good to love somebody?

i have a thing for people. pure and simple and all over the place. i have a thing for you, people. so tell me a thing about you.

or dancing on the driveway

my ears are finally clearing out.

getting uncluttered, like the rest of me.

just moving one thing from here to another place, to make room for visitors.

akin to shoveling.

this whole new world

we are part of a new generation - playing with space and time in a whole new way. we are part of a global world - with friends all over the place. daily encounter friends... just encountering in a whole new way. we are communicating on a whole new level now. we are communicating in a whole new way. and we may yet break down these barriers we've put up all over the world. cause we're not playing in that physical space anymore, and so, all the barriers are down. and it's happenning all over the internet.

it's happenning all over the place.

greetings in the blogosphere! wonderful to meet you here.

- just these day to day encounters.

just hinting at the whole thing

i try to be expressive, but it only hints at the whole thing. i've accepted that part of my experience is this alienation. i'm embracing the fact that i will always be alone, but that i never really am. and it's kind of more beautiful that way. that we can all collectively chill with each other and still be such incredible strangers - such incredible intimate strangers. i'm struck by the fact that we can all just get along. i'm struck by the fact that we understand each other at all. and in such deep ways - that we can even understand these strangers. this amazing stuff.

mind you, we don't always get along.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

keen observations on Life and the Moon

the new moon is actually no moon at all, at least when you are looking for it. the new moon rises with the sun and sets with the sun, so from where we see it, it is all in shadow. though, we're not usually looking for it in the middle of the day. but by golly, it's there - by golly.

a blue moon, more recently, refers to the second full moon in a month, and more historically and meaningfully the third full moon in a season with four full moons (because they usually only have three), chosen as such for it's role in determining the date of Easter and keeping the ecclesiastical calendar on track. but, this is way back when we payed any attention at all to the moon.

every full moon has a different name based on it's month. for example, crow moon, grass moon, egg moon. this year, we get a real treat if you are going by the more recent definition of a blue moon: a blue grass moon. sweet. get out the banjo... when you name something, you give it respect, you give it a purpose, a life. it seems like back then, the moon used to mean something. and probably a more general attitude of respect for the world around... one day i would like to fully appreciate the significance of these names. some day, i'll great vibe. some day, i'll let the earth decide.

in other parts of the world, they don't have near sightedness, because the people never look at anything close so they don't get real good at it like we do - at the expense of the other. they are always looking in the distance, so they see well in the distance. we hardly look anywhere beyond how far you need to when driving. but i've heard that if you stare at the moon every night for long enough you will be able to see better in the distance. it's probably just a theory so far. somebody let me know if you want to test it, and we'll make an experiment of it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

topsy turvy pretty

in your natural state, you are easy and free.
your anxieties are a result of all the people who have wronged you.
and all the people who have wronged them.

and all the people who have wronged them.
and all the people who have wronged them.
and all the people who have wronged them.

maybe way way way way way way back to one guy, wronging everybody and setting their model of the world all topsy turvy. and in turn, everybody else's.

this great big huge butterfly effect.

pretty, ain't it?

but it's obviously more complicated than that.

but i dare you to find the place to place blame.
and i dare you to find the place to forgive.

pretty, ain't it?

everybody's just going on their own model.
we're, each of us, harmless, when understood.

the place to forgive is

you can.

you can change.
you can change.
you can change.


a journey beckons

a new journey begins today. a new journey begins every day. of course, it's up to you whether or not you will quit before really even getting started. it's up to you whether or not you will make something of this journey.

don't look around you, look inside.

this is a call to contemplation.

this is a call to more dedicated experience.

this is a call to evolve.

this is a call to love yourself.

and when you do, everything else comes naturally.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

but i'd rather not.

i could be disappointed in people all the time, if that's what i looked for. i could assume everyone is out to get me, if i thought the world paid that much attention. i could take every situation as an example of how i have been wronged, if i make demands on how and when you should love me. i could hold out on you, if i believed that i was owed something in the first place. i could wait for you to change, while staying so very much the same.

Monday, February 4, 2008

puppy snacks

yeah. i totally got bit by a dog today. just right up and bit.

but it isn't like i didn't know it was going to happen.

and it's not like it wasn't hilarious.

it's not like anything isn't.

just making sensicles of these experiencles.

they melt in the sun, so we just lick 'em up faster.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

you, graceful you.

you are part of important things. you are friends with important people. you are more important than anyone could ever describe to you, though you may at times catch glimpses. you cannot predict what is meaningful. you cannot understand the full extent of your actions. what they inspire, how far they go.

this is great responsibility, but you manage it all gracefully.

you are beautiful and important.