Tuesday, January 29, 2008

stopping and listening

it's all simply unfolding before me.
and i'm just rolling around in it.

and eating right off the ground.

when did you get so afraid of the earth? and who said you've got to do and say like other parents do?

... while in my head i'm thinking 'five second rule'

it's a car commercial, but still. truth resonates everywhere. you've just got to listen for the echoes, because evil has a voice like a vampire's reflection, it just falls away. God's voice speaks softer, but it lingers and gives more authority.

it's red means go this time around.

don't make a mess of everything.

but if you do, bless it and thank it and move forward. because without it, you wouldn't have learned anything. without it, you would have nothing to move forward from.

the teacher is experience.
the rest is up to you.

the curriculum is perfectly ordered.

and education is free.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

giving is a snowball

and it's gathering everything in it's path.

even in japan

my love reaches you in waves, based on our time zones. then in 24 hour increments, but never weakened.

it sweeps up everything in it's path.

surf it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i struggle with this here and now, because i am still enslaved by this space and time.

a little ego in my moment?

sometimes it feels like being in the moment contradicts moving forward. but more and more, when i am trying to be in the moment, i find myself struck by great visualizations of a more evolved self. ideas and plans that feel important, but is this just my ego, forever trained on the future? or the urgings of this soul, this evolution-revolution? can i get into the moment by moving forward, or do i move forward by getting into this moment?

i can’t help but sometimes feel like i am doing something wrong.

but then i remember that i can’t.

this right-wrong thing – a little like space-time.

sincere love, soul brother.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

lovely world

on my hands

everything world

my very own snow globe
tasty world - look
at e v e r y thing

and my body's just doing this all on its own

groovy running body. groovy
soul is running everything

i've got the smell of winter-wet shovel on my hands
lovely world
on my hands

i'm a great big ball of hypocrisy

it's hard not to be when all is one.

building an army

lost is just part of the journey, part of the experience. but i feel ya - that doubt sure creeps, eh?

yours is not an extreme position. it is one of balance. the world is in extremes. and you know there is something very very wrong when the middle ground is viewed as extremism.

there is something very very wrong here.

makes it all very schizophrenic - this connected, disconnected thing. here i am, feeling one with the universe, and here is everyone else so out of jive with me. it's bound to cause some dissonance. but like you said, you only have your own experience to go on, and as long as you keep following your heart, you will be guided in the right direction. you are exactly where you are for exactly the right reasons. questioning yourself will only make your truth firmer. grab hold of the truth, and let everything else fade away.

you are nowhere and everywhere all at once. embrace the ordered chaos. and take refuge where and when it feels right. great vibe with the earth and you will see you are surfing next to all the right people on this radical wavelength of infinite love.

you are not alone. you know this. you never have been.

get in touch with and trust your intuition. this mad love journey will find you walking in all sorts of different directions, against all sorts of different grains, and people will throw things at you. but all joy, love, all these trials. they are yours. embrace them. respect everything accordingly.

all joy, love,
all these trials.

you have your own beat. march to it. make beautiful music with those around you. and love carelessly.

lead by example.

let go of your expectations, but expect openly.
question everything and nothing.
do not analyze the moment, because you will fall out of it. and when you are in the moment, you cannot move in the wrong direction, because time stands still and space is all in your head.

and rejoice, peaceful soldier. all is not lost. mainstream focus is despair, it need not be yours. look around you. feel it. we are a whole army, we just speak more quietly, with more humility. while the rest of the world shouts, angels whisper. but your senses are immaculate and unlimited. you will hear them. you can feel it. be mindful. do not let shouting distract you. do not let fear or doubt or shame be your guide.

you know you know you recognize truth.

you are not alone. you know this.

we are not far from this evolution-revolution. carry on, peaceful soldier.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

this spiritual-science evolution-revolution

for the real scientist, for the real spiritualist, science and spirituality are one. for the real scientist, for the real spiritualist, everything is one. vibrations, energy, light. no divide.

this love, unconditional.

sure, somewhere we got off track. sure, the divide seems more in your face than the oneness. but it's there. people are melting back into it as we speak, more and more and more and more. like one of those exponential graphs (yay, science).

yay God. yay God.

it's just that the divided are so much more in your face. they must shout and flail and cry and make angry faces. it is their dissonance. it is their internal guide. i would shout and flail and cry and make angry faces if i were lost, too. (yes, i did when i was)

from the place we started to the place we are now, we are not so far. we needed to venture off the track, as scientists, as spiritualists, to complete the experience. to get us back to the beginning. to be the light.

we used to leave the science to the spiritualists and science was the study of God. indeed, where would we have ever gotten if we weren't at first inspired by the divine? but everybody and their ego got involved and science wanted to be God, instead of the other way around. but with these God minds studying this God universe, there is so much to be learned. there is so much that we can point to and say 'see, i did that. i made that. i understand that. i am god'. so for years, we have been doing that and making that and understanding that with little resistance. God is patient, lambs. and all-knowing. you can only do and make and understand so much before you come to that wall. it's a wall for a 'scientist' of course. for the spiritualist, it is a gap and it is this gap where all the fun begins, leaps of faith and walking on water and levitation.

there will always be a limit to what we can do and make and understand, and this limit is where God is proven.

but hope, i urge you. because our vibration is expanding and i know more spiritual-scientists than divideds. just more humble. less in your face. this is an evolution-revolution. we've turned back to our roots, but in an even higher state. we are going on six, seven, eighty, ninety percent with these God brains. we're learning to heal, to float, to be light. the materials of science have been useful for getting us to this point, the point of abandoning such materials of science and technology. to the point of discovering all our divine potential.

shine on, Godlings.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

listen and remember where you came from

Well I think about all the other ways I could've played
All the other simple moves I could've made
All the other cards that I could've dealt
All the books I didn't read upon my shelf
All the other ways I could've sung my songs
I've realized that none of it went wrong
It was all play
How could it be any other way?

trevor hall, other way.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

give 'em heaven. give 'em hell.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i want to see every letter

i don't think i'm too bold. i don't think i ask for so much. it's not like i'm talking about a miracle.

anyway, everything is always a miracle.

but this one's not even outside physics.

I'm always talking to you.

i know. i told you this time i want it in writing.

you are speaking with God's voice now. but don't let that pressure you. you always are and you never do.

Friday, January 11, 2008

letting things fade

everything fades as long as you don't believe in it. as long as you don't let it play a part in your fantasy-reality. for me, this means only good news. i believe in good and love and joy and peace and healing and sincerity and they vibrate stronger every day. i don't believe in anything else. and it all just fades away. until everything just becomes an experience of good and love and joy and peace and healing and sincerity.

for you, it could mean the opposite. but i don't believe it.

don't fade away.

i love you.
you are good.
you bring me joy.
you radiate peace.
you are ever healing.
your every fibre is sincerity.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

alone but more a part of You than ever.

sometimes it's good to be with people. but sometimes it's blessed, blessed to be alone. on your own time. among your own things and thoughts. frolicking through the soul space, the eternal muse, the unedited joy of your own experience, independent from all other experience and yet more than, more than part of it. more or less your own pace. more or less your own space. and you are weightless and still in the middle of it, so time stands still and you are shining. you are nowhere, but you are always home - still and peaceful and perfect at the centre of the undulations. made from only unconditional, infinite, absolute, sincere love.

sincerely, loves.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

checking in occasionally

my bags are packed again. though technically they were never actually unpacked. re-folded and re-placed, like so many other things. i'm moving on, not looking back, but checking in occasionally. my roots are strong and varied and all over the place. and they are my connection to the universe. i have roots in even places i've never been. like so many other things that we can't see. and so many other things that we can imagine.

and where you can't. . ...


you're probably just not trying hard enough.

and even this is just a decision. of all of the things in the world you can hold on to - anger, grief, ego, pride, materialism, resentment. of all these things, you're ability to choose is the only one worth holding onto. and the only one that ever means any little thing and every little thing about you. strong and varied and all over the place as you are.

Monday, January 7, 2008

we're only dreaming

it's like that feeling when you suddenly realize you've been dreaming. and now everything looks different, more clear, and you are so very much in control.

i will call on you when your time comes. and when i call, so be it. cause i am so very much in control of this reality when i realize i've been dreaming.

you exist in the space between my fingers, made tangible when i snap. or if not, i'll breathe you in. or if not, i'll let you play in the clouds. until your time comes. when i will call on you. and so be it.

that is the power of intention.
the power of intuition.
power in energy.

you call it what you want. or call it nothing at all. but when i call on you, so be it. like nothing at all.

but tangible is overrated.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

slowly impending

holy effing mistakes, you know. they're everywhere. standing in as your very life. standing in front of everything.

holy effing ego, you know. it's everywhere. standing in as your very self. standing in as everybody else.

where do i go to get bigger than this? where is there left to expand, if everything's all mistakes and ego? where is there left to go when i'm always dragging myself around and it's all i want to get away from?

i should get out of this place that i never want to leave. run away again because it's going to push me out before too long. crush me and all my bones and swallow my heart and make me watch my impending death.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

marching to your own beat, and everybody else's

i didn't come here to do things. i didn't come here to see things. i didn't come here to sleep in luxury. i came here, like i go everywhere, to experience the people. to jive with someone else's vibe. to match beats. to sing beautiful harmonies.

i came here because i love the people. i love the vibe. i love the beats. and everyone sings the most beautiful harmony.

let's get unconditional

it's all about getting unconditional. freeing yourself from your conditioned responses and habits and letting intuition take over. it's all about getting creative. it's all about doing your own thing. it's all about letting other people get in their own way and not judging them for it.

it's all about this love. this great big unconditional.

i dare you. try anything. it's too big, this great big unconditional.